The Power of Storytelling in Business and Life

By MillsWyck Communications (other events)

6 Dates Through May 06, 2020

Stories have been around since before printed text, and they clearly have the power to reach an audience and be remembered. But what are the skills necessary to tell a good story? And how can you use stories in business situations to make your message more memorable and more impactful? Join us in this fun, interactive half-day workshop where the participants make the material come alive. When you leave, you will be able to make others WANT to listen to what you say, connect with an audience, inspire a movie in the listeners' minds, create anticipation in your message, become interesting and energetic in your delivery, and design stories to match any situation!

Whether you're giving a technical work presentation, attending a networking event, engaging in a sales/persuasion situation, or crafting your online content marketing plan, you can apply the principles of storytelling you will learn in this workshop to your message.  

Come learn the one communication skill you can't live without.